Together at home 
The digital neighbourhood meeting place

  • Wed 01.04.20 19 h

The discussion will take place via Zoom at 7pm. Please click on the link below to participate – depending on your browser, you might need to download the desktop application. 


Essen-Katernberg is a lively locality with sustainable neighbourhood networks as well as countless spaces for social encounters. Now everything is different: the places that otherwise determine our everyday life are closed; the events and group meetings that we visit or organize do not take place.

The WerkStadt would like to change this: In cooperation with many local partners, a digital space for creative communal encounters is under fresh construction and everyone in Katernberg is warmly invited to fill this new space with life. 

Every Wednesday at 19.00 h, Paul Hendricksen (district moderator, ISSAB) will be moderating a community meeting with a featured guest speaker. Different experts will be on hand every week to discuss prevailing questions such as what are we doing now without our social meeting places? What do we most fear or worry about? Where do we see chances in this crisis? 

People working in essential services or systemically important professions will also be dropping by to report on their everyday life and offer insights into their current working world.

A project initiated by PACT Zollverein and ISSAB in cooperation with the Social Space Conference in Essen City District VI Zollverein.