Laurent Chétouane
TANZSTÜCK #4 : wanting to live (together)

  • Fri 07.05.10 21 h
  • Sat 08.05.10 21 h

Living – together: perhaps only so that one might defy the sadness of the evening together. Being mutual strangers is inevitable, necessary, even desirable, but not when eveningtide comes along. Roland Barthes, ›How to live together‹ How can one probe the question of ›living together‹ without coming to an answer that resembles a programme from the times in which one still found it easy to believe that politics could offer solutions? How can ›living together‹ be fashioned without losing that something special, the essential quality of each individual? And without destroying the creative power of the ›alter ego‹? Laurent Chétouane, who has been honoured with both the Young Artist Award from the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Wild Card from RUHR.2010 GmbH, explores in his most recent work the concept of imagining an ›idiorrhythmic‹ group in the sense of Barthes and of producively using the power of the alter ego for the group.

Premiere: 13.11.09 Sophiensaele (Berlin)
Choreography: Laurent Chétouane
With: Lisa Densem, Sigal Zouk, Jan Burkhardt, Matthieu Burner, Joris Camelin
Collaboration: Antje Velsinger
Costume: Sophie Reble
Video: Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck
Lighting: Andreas Juchheim

Co-production: Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, PACT Zollverein (Essen), Sophiensaele (Berlin), Tanzquartier Wien Supported by: Dock 11, Berlin
Funding support by: Capital Cultural Fund (Berlin)


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