tansan-sui / Chikako Kaido
›Age of Curse‹ as part of ›tanz nrw‹ festival

  • Wed 05.05.21 19 h

Have social networks catapulted us back into the Middle Ages? On the global platforms, cursing is experiencing a renaissance and the thoughts of the individual are given unimagined power. Through this 'curse machine', as choreographer Chikako Kaido calls it, communications can be channelled, ideas shaped and morals put to the test. With 'Age of Curse', she reflects upon the immortality of our data, the voodoo between all the mathematics of modern information technology and the strange proximity between digitality and spirituality.

Concept / Choreography: Chikako Kaido Creation/Dance: Hannah Krebs, Karl Rummel, Jascha Viehstädt Video installation: Fabian Heitzhausen Music: Stefan Schneider Dramaturgy: Antonio Stella Light design: Kanade Hamawaki Costume: Lisa Klinger Film documentation: Wiebke Rompel Technical director: Tobias Heide

Production tansan-sui Supported by Kulturamt Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Kunststiftung NRW, NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste e.V.

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