Dewey Dell
Sleep Technique — A response to the cave at Chauvet-Pont d’Arc in the Ardèche, France

  • Fri 03.03.17 20 h
  • Sat 04.03.17 20 h

Albeit inaccessible to the public, the cave at Chauvet-Pont d’Arc in the Ardèche houses the oldest rock paintings found to date. Reason enough for Italian performance collective, Dewey Dell, to take the audience on a poetic journey right to the origins of European culture. In a powerful interplay of choreography, music, stage design and lighting, they enter into dialogue with how we possibly feel connected to traces of our forebears’ myths and rituals today.


FRI 03.03.
Introduction // 19.30 H
Artist talk // after the performance

Concept: Dewey Dell – Agata Castellucci, Demetrio Castellucci & Teodora Castellucci, Eugenio Resta

With: Agata Castellucci & Teodora Castellucci, Ivan Björn Ekemark, Enrico Ticconi
Choreography: Teodora Castellucci

Original music: Demetrio Castellucci (electro acoustics, granular synthesis, field recordings*), Massimo Pupillo (bass, effects)
Set and lighting design: Eugenio Resta

Costumes: Guoda Jaruseviciute

Vocals: Attila Csihar
With the contribution of the prehistoric archaeologist Dominique Baffier
Special thanks to: Stefano Pilia, Benas Staškauskas, Stefaan Van Akoleyen
Production: Dewey Dell 2017

Co-production: Societas (Cesena), PACT Zollverein (Essen), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen), Brut Wien (Vienna), Tanzfabrik Berlin In collaboration with: Buda Kunstencentrum (Kortijk), Dialogues — Performing Arts Residencies at Villa Manin (Passariano), Ateliersi (Bologna), Menu Spaustuve (Vilnius)

*With a source from Chris Watson — ›Lioness Threatens Male, Itong Plains, Kenya‹ © 1998 Touch



25.02.-26.02.2017 Tanzfabrik, Berlin (DEU)

03.03.-04.03.2017 PACT Zollverein, Essen (DEU)

24.03.2017 Brut, Wien (AUT) 

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19.04.2017 La Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, Milano (ITA)

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07.05.2017 Teatro Contatto 35, Udine (ITA)

17.05.2017 T2G Théâtre de Gennevilliers, Gennevilliers (FRA)

23.05.2017 Théâtre de l’Usine, Genève (CHE)

16.09.2017 Shorttheatre Festival, Roma (ITA)

24.09.2017 Terni Festival, Terni (ITA)

01.12.-02.12.2017 BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen (NOR

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