Grupo Cena 11

  • Wed 20.04.05 20:30 h
  • Thu 21.04.05 20:30 h

Skinnerbox is the latest production from Grupo Cena 11. With it's bold and hybrid dance style formed from video clips, comics, computers, androgyny, fashion, electronic music, polemics and the contrasts between new and old, the company has earned itself a high position in new Brazilian dance. Since 1993 the group has been led by dancer and choreographer Alejandro Ahmed. At the heart of his productions lies the relationship between dance, science and technology.

Artistic direction and choreography: Alejandro Ahmed
Creation team: Alejandro Ahmed, Karin Serafin, Hedra Rockenbach, Fernando Rosa
Cast: Karina Barbi, Kiko Ribeiro, Leticia Lamela, Marcela Reichelt, Mariana Romagnani
Company teacher / Rehearsal assistant: Malu Rabelo
Musical direction: Hedra Rockenbach
Graphics, animation and illustrations: Fernando Rosa
Light: Irani Apolinário
Sound: Eduardo Serafin
Co-production: move berlim 2005 (Berlin) and PACT Zollverein/Choreographisches Zentrum NRW (Essen)

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