Alexandra Bachzetsis
PRIVATE: Wear a mask when you talk to me

  • Fri 16.02.18 20 h

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›Bachzetsis meets our gaze throughout, steady and cool. She is constantly checking in with us, but not in search of our approval; her eyes are simply asking us to consider what we are seeing. (…) Do we recognize anything of ourselves in these embodiments (or their awkward, squeaky failures)? The dancer’s body itself becomes both lens and mirror.‹

Oriental dances, drag queens, fitness and yoga exercises, football and pornographic poses - Alexandra Bachzetsis views dance as the product of a blend of different disciplines and modes of representation, including painting, photography, literature, film, advertising, fashion, pornography and YouTube tutorials.

In her solo performance ›PRIVATE: Wear a mask when you talk to me‹, she merges sources of inspiration from contemporary dance, such as Trisha Brown's choreographies on everyday patterns of movement, with communication channels that shape our culture—pop music, mass media and the Internet. Bachzetsis uses motion, sound and a series of different props in her investigation of the ways in which gender identification and sexual desire are engendered through the ritualized reproduction of physical gestures within the context of a neoliberal system of order. Yet her emphasis lies less on the mere presentation of gender and sexual norms than on an investigation into the precious moments in which these reproductions fail—moments that have the potential to empower the individual to act and resist. Her works were shown most recently at documenta 14 in Kassel and Athens.

Concept, choreography, performance: Alexandra Bachzetsis Creation of performance and movement research: Thibault Lac Research curator: Paul B. Preciado Communication design: Julia Born & Blommers-Schumm Costume design: Cosima Gadient Sound technician: Lies Vanborm Lighting: Patrik Rimann Stage & production assistant: Sotiris Vasiliou Production manager: Anna Geering Production: Association All Exclusive Co-production: Kaserne Basel, ›Zürich tanzt‹, ›Art Night‹ with ICA London, Rauschenberg Residency / Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Tanzhaus Zürich Support: City of Zurich, Committee for Theater and Dance BS / BL, Pro Helvetia-Schweizer Kulturstiftung, GGG Basel, Ernst Göhner Stiftung Commissioned in cooperation with: documenta 14

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