PACTPackage #6
for Students

  • Sat 24.11.18 13:30 h – 16 h

1 PACTPackage =
1 Performance +
Workshop/Artist discussion =
(places subject to availability)

Registration required

When asked to define herself either as an actor or dancer, Claire Vivianne Sobottke prefers to say that she is working on specific questions or desires and searching for a specific suitable form of expression. Her workshop will incorporate different means of expression such as voice, singing, dance, movement, random language or objects.

After the workshop, Claire will perform in 'Celestial Sorrow', Meg Stuart’s first collaboration with Indonesian visual artist Jompet Kuswidananto, which sees a group of performers and musicians embark on an exploratory journey, moving through imaginary and invisible spaces, and the voices that make them resonate.

++ The workshop is already fully booked ++
Additional capacities may be available soon.
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This season we are once again offering a series of PACTPackages for students in the form of workshops and discussions in accompaniment to selected events on our programme.

PACTPaket #6:

SAT 24.11.2018

13.30-16 h Workshop: Claire Vivianne Sobbotke (dancer / performer)

20 h Performance: Meg Stuart & Jompet Kuswidananto / Damaged Goods ›Celestial Sorrow‹ (dance/performance)

Each PACTPackage costs 9 Euro. This includes the workshop and performance visit. Places are limited to 15 and registration is required. Payment is only possible in cash.

To register email 

Registration for all PACTpackage opens on 13.08. 2018

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