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Made possible with the support of the children's and family center BLAUER ELEFANT Zollverein and the KiTa Kleiner Pütt, the ›PACT Café‹ is a friendly informal community space for conversation and exchange as well as a wonderful free playground for families and children of all ages. There’s complementary tea and coffee for the grown-ups and a play corner generously equipped with wooden toys, books, board games and handicraft materials for children of all ages.


In Cooperation with Kinder- und Familienzentrum BLAUER ELEFANT Zollverein and KiTa Kleiner Pütt

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  • Thu 04.04.24 18 h – 21 h
  • Thu 02.05.24 18 h – 21 h
  • Thu 06.06.24 18 h – 21 h
  • Sat 13.04.24 13 h
Assembly Installation Zum Mitmachen

»Was ist eigentlich schön?«
Frühjahrsaktion auf dem Katernberger Markt

Free admission
  • Sat 13.04.24 20 h

Cherish Menzo