Open Day - Digital!

  • Sat 23.01.21 10 h

Free admission

Traditionally the first and one of the most popular events of the year at PACT, our ›Open Day‹ is always full of hustle and bustle and guaranteed fun things to do for the young and old alike - and this year it's coming to your home! Together with families, friends and initiatives from Essen-Katernberg, we’re transforming this year’s ›Open Day‹ into an online ›Open Homes Day‹ that invites you to step inside both our and many many other doors in the local community to share some of the imaginative tips and tricks we’re all using in our own special ways to master everyday life in the Lockdown.

But that’s not all. As no PACT ›Open Day‹ would be the same without the chance for the whole family to join in exciting craft or dance activities, we have some familiar friends and faces lined up to join you in your homes. The sensational balloon artist, Hakan Eren, will lead a workshop showing you how to knot and bring your own amazing comic figures or balloon costumes to life; our friend Clara Gsella (KonTakt) will introduce you to colourful handicraft ideas and Eloisa Mirabassi, well known to many young dance friends from the PACT Café, will have a dance and movement workshop in store for you. 

Simply drop by on Jan. 23 from 10 a.m. From recipes from Wim's Kochwerk to a behind the scenes look around PACT’s stage to digital colouring games, there's a lot to discover! 

Main stage

Spot on! This time around, our trainees are presenting their very own edition of our ever popular stage display show digitally: How do we set up lighting effects on the big stage? How do we create different atmospheres? This year’s show stars all our big lights plus our complete stage inventory in supporting roles - there is a lot to marvel at.


Hakan Eren is a magician of a really enchanted kind who makes children's dreams come true with nothing less than balloons and his sheer inventiveness. At the twist of a knot, he can create amazing balloon figures such as superheroes, colourful bouquets of flowers and fantastic comic characters. In his workshop, Hakan will share some of his greatest secrets with us and show you how to become a balloon artist at home.

Studio 1

Even a living room can become a dance studio: Eloisa Mirabassi usually shows you creative ways to make moving lots of fun every Wednesday at the PACT Café. For the ›Open Day‹, Eloisa has a special programme in store in which she’ll show you how you can really let off steam at home and learn great new dance steps in the process. Grab your parents or siblings, and let’s get moving!


In previous ›Open Days‹ at PACT, you’ve filled our huge foyer with magical monumental landscapes which you artfully put together from nothing more than dried peas and tooth-picks. This year, we'll deliver all the bits and pieces you need to join in directly to your door-step and our friend Clara Gsella (Youth Welfare Office/Integration management) will show you how to turn your living room into your very own fantasy city.

Tag der offenen Tür Nes Kapucu
Nes Kapucu

Poster workshop

We're sure you've seen our colourful ›Open Day‹ poster in your neighbourhood which was drawn for you by our brilliant colleague, Nes Kapucu. Now you can create your very own ver-sion of Nes’s drawing! So grab your coloured pencils, unpack your paint box or pull out your wax crayons because we’re all really looking forward to seeing your creations!

Koalabecher TdoT


Who hasn't always wanted to have their own pet? Our small Australian friend is very easy to care for and can be made in just a few simple steps. Koala cups like to sit on kitchen ta-bles and provide you with fresh cress. All you need to make your own Koala cup is an old plastic bottle and some paint.

Wims Kochwerk

Wim's kitchen

Our wonderful chef Wim has been at home in kitchens all over the world and regularly spoils our guests at PACT with his own unique combinations of regional ingredients and in-ternational inventiveness. For you and your family, Wim has now come up with a recipe that you can easily recreate at home. As we couldn’t wait to test it, we can already guarantee that it’s very tasty!

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