Open Day 2022 - Digital!

  • Sat 22.01.22 10 h

Free admission

Colourful birds, zombies, superheroes and monsters - get ready and create your own fantasy characters! In keeping with tradition, the first event of the New Year at PACT is always our ›Open Day‹. This ever popular occasion offers visitors both young and old a glimpse behind the scenes of a bustling theater and arts center. This year PACT invites children to try their hands at a host of fun, creative things to do themselves and has prepared a variety of online activities for children to enjoy at home. 

At the heart of this year’s ›Open Day‹ is our real hero of the day: you! Once you’ve cut out, glued and painted your very own superhero mask, you’ll be all set to go! 

What you need:

Origami: square origami paper
Monster craft: Pipe cleaners, pompoms wiggle eyes, optional: glue
Balloon art: modelling balloon (recommended length 115cm)
Super hero mask & colouring picture: Printer, paper, pencils, scissor