Louis Vanhaverbeke

  • Sun 02.04.17 16:30 h

Brightly-coloured plastic objects, drum machines, skateboards, spinning turntables and all kinds of other found objects become the makings for ›Multiverse‹, the latest production from the young and extremely talented Belgian artist, Louis Vanhaverbeke, who is coming to PACT for the very first time. Like a multi-functional DJ, Vanhaverbeke combines seemingly banal everyday objects to create spectacular sound machines. He moves playfully through this mini multiverse made up of throwaway objects, and the way he controls his body and the objects that surround him in the space is simply astounding. Out of harmless tricks come perfectly timed stunts, complex raps from short scraps of conversation. He juggles with an entire cosmos layered with meaning until thoughts begin to totter. ›Multiverse‹ is a swirling ode to fantasy and creativity and at the same time a plea for the re-evaluation of objects in our throwaway society. Vanhaverbeke reveals their soul and so opens up unimagined possibilities.

From & with: Louis Vanhaverbake 

Dramaturgy: Dries Douibi

Technical direction: Bart Huybrechts

Advice: Matias Daporta

Technical support: Simon Van den Abeele

Production: CAMPO (Gent)

Thanks to: OVS, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussels), Vooruit (Gent)


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