Urs Dietrich

  • Production of the Bremer Tanztheater, Guest performance at the Choreographisches Zentrum NRW, Essen
  • Performance
  • Fri 12.06.98 00:59 h – 23:59 h
  • Thu 18.06.98 00:59 h – 23:59 h
  • Fri 19.06.98 00:59 h – 23:59 h

»I've experienced every unhappiness possible. Now I think, do I have to be happy....Hm? And what's the purpose of existing and being happy as well? What's your answer to this question?« Vladimir Kazakow

Urs Dietrich's work suggests a place where dreams and reality intersect.

Choreography: Urs Dietrich

Stage and costume: Urs Dietrich, Katrin Plötzky

Produced by the Bremer Tanztheater

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