Mallika Taneja
Do you know this Song?

  • Sat 04.05.24 18 h
  • Sun 05.05.24 18 h

Duration: 90 mins.

In English and Hindi with English surtitles.

Small Stage


»›Do you know this song? ‹ is a deeply layered ode to all the women's voices that have gone unheard and everything that has been lost as a result.« – Theaterkrant

›Do you know this Song?‹ is a piece about loss, sorrow, and the rediscovery of a long-forgotten voice. Through conversations and fragmented memories, Mallika Taneja uncovers the story of a voice hidden between broken dreams and deceptive happiness, a voice that was once deeply loved and close - and yet now forgotten. With a harmonium, microphone, and objects from her childhood, she ventures into the nostalgic land of not-forgetting and invites the audience to accompany her as she searches for the vanished singer and the songs she sang.

Performance & Artistic Direction: Mallika Taneja Dramaturgy: Hansa Thapliyal Lighting Design: Sangeet Shrivastava Sound Design: Chayan Adhikari, Bindhumalini N, Scenography: Sangeet Shrivastava with Hansa Thapliyal, Vijay Kate, Tanuj Arora Original Text: Mallika Taneja Text Collaboration: Rajesh Nirmal

Production: Aman Mohammadi, Drishti Chawla Doll Makers: Hansa Thapliyal, Aman Mohammadi, Drishti Chawla Songbook Design: Bindhumalini N Tailoring: Muzammil, Praveen Kumar Subtitle and Tour Managing: Sophia Kaushik Developed at Shed 9, New Delhi and Sahyande Theatre, Kerala With the voices of: Banwari Taneja, Bindhumalini N, Chayan Adhikari, Kajal Ghosh, Nadeera Zaheer Babbar, Sudha Thapliyal, Suhasini Taneja, Sunanda Achar

The piece is based on interviews and conversations with: Banwari Taneja, Elizabeth Achar, Geetika Thapliyal, Hansa Thapliyal, Kajal Ghosh, Maude Gonsalves, Nadira Zaheer Babbar, Nandini Guha Rajagopal, Oona Gupta, Raj Babbar, Sudha Thapliyal, Suhasini Taneja, Sunanda Achar

Co-Production: The WEB network: La Maison de la danse CDCN Uzès Gard Occitanie, WPZimmer, Beursschouwburg, Black Box Teater, Tanzquartier Wien, Frascati Productions | LES SUBS - Lyon (FR), Points communs - Nouvelle Scène nationale de Cergy-Pontoise / Val d’Oise and Kaserne Basel, Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Nationaltheater Mannheim, SPIELART Theaterfestival

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