Live Question & Answer with Boglárka Börcsök and Andreas Bolm
Artist talk about The Art of Movement

  • Thu 28.05.20 19 h – 20 h

Free admission

THE ART OF MOVEMENT is a sensual and insightful portrait of three dancers from Budapest: Irén, Éva and Ágnes, aged between 90 and 100 years old, were each once part of the early modern dance movement in Hungary. To survive the momentous socio-political changes of the last century, they transformed their lives and movement practices. Boglárka Börcsök’s film is an intimate encounter with these three personalities and their respective relationships to their own past and present.

You can meet the filmmakers Boglárka Börcsök and Andreas Bolm on Thursday (28th of May) at 19h in a Live ZOOM Q&A talk organized with curators Katalin Erdődi and Léna Szirmay-Kalos. The talk will be in English.

Join with your questions and comments on Zoom for a live moderated discussion about the film.

Please note: By attending the Zoom meeting you agree to your voice and image being recorded and published. You are however free to turn off your camera and microphone and just listen to the meeting.


The online premiere of ›THE ART OF MOVEMENT‹ is supported and hosted by PACT Zollverein, Tanzquartier Wien und MMpraxis.



A film by Boglárka Börcsök
In collaboration with Andreas Bolm
DE 2020, 58 mins, in Hungarian with English surtitles


The full film can be seen from Monday, 25.05. 16h until midnight on Friday, 29.05.2020

›THE ART OF MOVEMENT‹ is a sensual and insightful film about three elderly dancers from Budapest. Irén, Éva and Ágnes - all between 90 and 100 years old – were once part of the early modern dance movement in Hungary.

Taking on the roles of both dance student and dialogue partner, Boglárka retraces how each of these elderly dancers transformed their lives and movement practices in order to survive the major socio-political changes of the last century.

Developed over the course of several years and in part in residency at PACT, the film is a personal and bodily encounter with three very different personalities and their relationships to their past and present. Returning to the stage and performing in their own private rooms, Irén, Éva and Ágnes reveal to the viewers the incredible depth and richness of experience stored in their bodies - a  choreography of memories.

Boglárka Börcsök is a Hungarian artist and performer whose collaborative work with filmmaker Andreas Bolm deals with the biopolitics of the older female body. During an ATELIER edition at PACT in February 2020, she presented the performance and video installation ›Figuring Age‹, which also emerged from her research and discussions with Irén, Éva and Ágnes.

Cast Éva E. Kovács, Irén Preisich, Ágnes Roboz
Written & directed Boglárka Börcsök
Artistic collaboration Andreas Bolm
Editing Andreas Bolm & Boglárka Börcsök
Cinematography Lisa Rave
Production company Whole Wall Films
Production manager Elisa Calosi
Color and sound Andreas Bolm
Sound mixing Jochen Jezzusek
English translation David Robert Evans

Funded by
Tanzfonds Erbe - an initiative by German Federal Cultural Foundation, La Musée de la Danse/ Centre choréographique de Rennes et de Bretagne, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin

Supported by
Akademie Schloss Solitude & József Attila Circle within the Eastern European exchange program
Hungarian National Film Fund - Film Archive 
OSzMI - Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute
Pact Zollverein Residency Program
AQB - Art Quarter Budapest
Franz Liszt Academy of Music
Orkesztika Foundation

© 2020 Whole Wall Films & Boglárka Börcsök

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