Jonathan Bepler

  • Thu 20.11.14 19 h

Composer, musician and installation artist Jonathan Bepler mingles seemingly disparate elements in his interdisciplinary works. His unmistakable style is hallmarked by a love of chaos, and a desire for reconciliation. Bepler has frequently worked for theater and dance productions and has collaborated with choreographers including John Jasperse and Sasha Waltz as well as notable musicians and orchestras such as the Ensemble Modern. Over the last twenty years he has created a body of work with artist Matthew Barney including the epic operatic film project ›The River of Fundament‹ which was shown during this year’s Ruhrtriennale Festival.

During IMPACT14 Jonathan Bepler offers an insight into his multifaceted work, the motivation behind his compositions and his own perspective on the interaction between music, film and live performance. 

Supported by the Kunststiftung NRW

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