Kids Days
with Kolja Huneck, tout petit & HARTMANNMUELLER

For people aged 3 and over.

Please note that two timeslots will be offered on both days.

Tickets: 8€


During PACT's ›KIDS DAYS‹ the whole house transforms into a swirling playground for our youngest visitors and their families: Rotating circles, colorful lights, music, and juggling combine to create a diverse program that evokes both intense emotions and moments of serenity. In their poetically playful performance ›TURRRN‹, the Belgian company tout petit captivates the audience with mesmerizing spinning objects, transforming the stage into a fascinating, rotating universe through choreography, music, and twirling objects.

Specially created for the ›KIDS DAYS‹, circus artist Kolja Huneck’s adaptation of his performance ›CM_30‹, challenges common expectations of circus amongst children and adults alike. Rather than thrills and spills, the audience experiences a magically tranquil juggling act with light. Enveloped within warm colorful circles, even drifting off to sleep becomes a tempting possibility! For those who like action, ›kids on fire‹ is a chance to really let loose. The creatively designed space by HARTMANNMUELLER offers diverse stations for children to freely express themselves physically and emotionally, whether exuberantly or quietly, with power or gentleness: An afternoon for whirlwinds and those who prefer to roll with the gentle flow. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Tickets can be purchased for two time slots, each covering all program elements: Timeslot 1: 12-15 h and Timeslot 2: 14-17 h, the house opens at 11:30 h.


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