kabinet k & hetpaleis
promise me

  • Fri 09.09.22 11 h
  • Sat 10.09.22 18 h
  • Sun 11.09.22 15 h

Tickets 5-17€

For grade 3–6 and adults

Due to illness, the audience talk on Saturday, 10 September, cannot take place.

Tickets Programme of the Ruhrtriennale 2022

They run through the room, screaming, jumping. They fall from walls, bite each other, tear clothing, throw stones and hug each other. They are caught. Held. Captured. Shaken off. Spun around. They are wild, unstoppable, unable to be kept down. Reckless. They trust each other and test the limits of what is possible. Over and over.

The five children and two adult performers leave out not a single moment of confrontation. Driven by the live music of an e-guitar, they throw themselves courageously from one extreme to the next, leave the stagnancy of the previous months behind them, tolerate no half-heartedness, and risk everything at a time when most people are looking for security. Promise me celebrates carefreeness, in all its brutality and beauty. It tells of the longing for meaningful things. But also of the scars this leaves on our skin.

The Belgian dance company, kabinet k, led by choreographers Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven, is internationally celebrated for its impressive work with multigenerational ensembles. After months of pandemic-related restrictions and cancellations, the company has reunited with a production. ›promise me‹ emerged from improvisation and the energy of the reunion. All of kabinet k’s productions are developed with children participating in an intense and equal dialogue. A fast-paced, relentlessly physical, radical and poetic performance. A moving tribute to the joy of life by the brave and untamed. A touching experience for kids aged 8 to 12 and adults alike.

Due to illness, the audience talk on Saturday, 10 September, cannot take place.

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Choreography: Joke Laureyns & Kwint Manshoven, 
Composition & Live Music: Thomas Devos, Set Design: Kwint Manshoven & Dirk de Hooghe, 
Dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp & Koen Haagdorens, Costume Design: Valerie le Roy, Lighting Design: Dirk de Hooghe, Sound Design: Karel Marynissen, Production Manager: Marieke Cardinaels, Communication & Distribution: Mieke Versyp, Photography: Kurt Van der Elst, Produced by: kabinet k & hetpaleis

With: Ido Batash, Ilena Deboeverie, Téa Mahaux,  Zélie Mahaux, Kwint Manshoven, Juliette Spildooren & Lili van den Bruel 

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