Johannes Paul Raether
›Transformalor – Transformella malor []‹

  • Sat 13.07.19 11:30 h

Free admission

In English language

What does it mean for someone to know that they were conceived by anonymously donated eggs or sperm? To what extent do genetic relationships and kinship determine a sense of identity, belonging, and attachment to family members? With his ›Transformella‹­ lifeline, Johannes Paul Raether has created alien-­like figures that respond with new concepts of reproduction and the family to an era in which tech­nology, notions about the body and gender are diverging. The being Trans­formella malor (short Transformalor) appears as the ›surrogate mother of a possible future‹ and analyses how humans and machines themselves produce new life in the present era of global, digital and biological produc­tion chains. Visitors become part of Transformalor’s tribe and together they navigate territories of normativity — everyday and commercial spaces that reflect how today reproduction is em­bedded in a global network of industrial production.

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