It'll be different: Game evenings with the Great Zampano

  • Sat 21.04.18 17 h – 20 h
  • Sat 19.05.18 18:30 h – 20:30 h
  • Sat 09.06.18 17 h – 20 h
  • Sat 14.07.18 17 h – 20 h

Free admission

The Great Zampano, king of the legendary Bingo Tropical game at the WerkStadt in summer 2017, invites you to a series of unique game evenings.

With the floor as the board and us as the game figures, with giant dice, French fries with mayo and crossword puzzles from 1001 nights, the Great Zampano leads a bunch of crazy games and competitions which are all somehow really familiar but have never been played to rules like these before.


Upcoming events:

→ Sat, 19. May, 18.30-20.30h – Mayonnaise -Memory 

Note where the chip shops and gyms are in Essen. And then jog and eat your way through the city!

→ Sat, 09. June, 17-20h – Hairstyle-Dice
Give your opponents a proper hairstyle before they turn you into a punk!

→ Sat, 14. July, 17-20h – Cactus-Bowling

Plant cacti and collect pink petals. And then get bowling.

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