Interface Lab – Begüm Erciyas, Robert M Ochshorn, Ilan Manouach, Lea Sovso
Tactile Dialogues

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›Tactile Dialogues‹ is conceived to investigate the crossing points between interface design, somatic practices and theater. The focus of the laboratory-like gathering lies on haptics, hands and the sense of touch. How theatrical is our relationship to machines and what are the possibilities of the body or the theater when considered as an interface?

Interface Lab

Begüm Erciyas has been developing participatory formats that allow visitors to be their own audience, and therefore to experience the simultaneity of doing and perceiving. She’s interested in speculating the future of our hands and our sense of touch, the tactility of sound and voice and the idea of building a touch-to-speech and speech-to-touch interface.

Robert M Ochshorn is a software engineer, cultural theorist, and media researcher. He develops unusual digital interfaces to observe and activate sound, video, touch, and language. He is interested in how new communication tools enable new social practices, and vice versa. Ochshorn is a columnist for Starship Magazine and co-founder and CEO at Reduct.Video.

Ilan Manouach is a comics artist, a book publisher, a postdoctoral scholar on Computational Creativity at the University of Liège, an affiliate scholar at Harvard metaLAB and a member of the Institute for Climate Sound & Society. He is the author of over 25 comic books (some of which are co-created with AI) and the editor of ›Chimeras. Inventory of Synthetic Cognition‹, a collective glossary on AI, and his latest book, ›Out Side‹, is a collaboration with K Allado-McDowell, founder of Google’s AMI program.

Lea Søvsø is working as a costume designer for performance, art and Musikstheater. Since 2019 she has been working with spinning and knitting primarily with hands and, later, extended to a hacked knitting machine, developing different materials and digital designs with this machine. She is interested in the fine information flow between machine and human. She would like to develop a machine that »touches«, maybe she will hack the knitting machine for this purpose.

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