Susanne Linke / Urs Dietrich / fettFilm

  • Co-produktion in collaboration with German Dance Platform 2004
  • Performance Dance
  • Fri 06.02.04 15 h

For all those who missed the premiere of Tanz-Dis-tanz here in June 2003 there's another opportunity to experience the remarkable stage personalities of Susanne Linke und Urs Dietrich when we present this highly successful production once again at PACT Zollverein in collaboration with the German Dance Platform 2004 which runs from 4.–8. February 2004 at the tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf.

In the two solos ›Akut‹ and ›Chronisch‹ which make up Tanz-Dis-tanz both choreographers, in collaboration with video artists Momme Hinrichs and Torge Møller (fettFilm Berlin), contend very personally with the themes of space, architecture, real and virtual images of the body, personal history and abstract reductionalism in dance.


»Susanne Linke and Urs Dietrich have created an thoroughly convincing and inspiring multi-media work: The premiere of ›Tanz-Dis-tanz‹ was an absolute winner Linke's movements are driven by elegance and litheness. She is without a doubt a timeless Grand Dame of dance.« WAZ Essen, 17. June 2003

Solo 1 (Dietrich): ›Chronisch‹
Solo 2 (Linke): ›Akut‹
Choreography and dance: Susanne Linke, 
Urs Dietrich

Videoprojection and -installation: fettFilm Berlin - Momme Hinrichs und Torge Møller

Music: raster-noton, Dimitri Schostakowithsch

Music & Soundarrangement:
Wolfgang Bley-Borkowski

Props and production management:
Julia Hansen

Light: Horst Mühlberger, Uwe Renken

Text: Gabriele Brandstetter

Speaker: Norbert Servos

Co-production: The.Lab Art & Media GmbH, PACT Zollverein / Choreographisches Zentrum NRW and the Theaterlabor Bielefeld


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