Tim Etchells
At the Edges

  • Fri 26.03.10 20 h

In the Mixed Media Lecture developed by Tim Etchells for ›Schöne Aussicht‹, he explores ideas on edges and peripheries, on empty space and silence. Alongside his work with the British theatre company Forced Entertainment, the artist, author, and performer has delved into a range of different media contexts where he investigates the role of the viewer. Founded upon his work with photographer Hugo Glendinning in the scope of ›Empty Stages‹ – a documentation of empty stages in theatres, civic centres, museums, and clubs throughout the world – Etchells will be talking about his treatment of blank spaces in his texts and in his artistic practice.

Photos: © Tim Etchells & Hugo Glendinning www.theaterderwelt.de www.forcedentertainment.com www.timetchells.com

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