Jazzensemble of the Folkwang Academy

  • Wed 09.06.04 20 h

I. Concert

The evening opens with a five strong jazz ensemble from the Folkwang Academy playing cool jazz from the fifties in the style of Miles Davis and lee Konitz.

II. Dance

›Anna Sokolow's Rooms, which premiered in 1955 in America, is recognised as a groundbreaking work in the annals of modern dance. This particular reconstruction is taken from the project "Echoes of American Dance Theater", initiated and directed by Libby Nye to revive significant works from the American modern dance repertoire. Rooms is set to a powerful jazz composition by Kenyon Hopkin's which will be played live for this performance.

Choreography: Anna Sokolow

Rehersal direction: Jim May

Assistance: Eleanor Bunker

Music: K. Hopkins

Dance: Stefano Botto, Gabrio Leonida Gabrielli, Swanhild Kruckelmann, Elena Kofinà, Bernd-Uwe Marszan, Giorgia Maddamma, Nandini Thomas

Photo: Ursula Kaufmann

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