Paul Plamper
Dienstbare Geister

  • Sat 02.09.17 17 h
  • Sat 02.09.17 20 h
  • Sun 03.09.17 17 h
  • Sat 09.09.17 17 h
  • Sat 09.09.17 22 h
  • Sun 10.09.17 17 h

›Dienstbare Geister‹ (“subservient spirits”) tells of two migratory journeys in opposite directions.

In 1905 an impoverished young woman leaves Berlin and emigrates to the German colony of Cameroon. Her social advancement is achieved at the expense of her native neighbours and servants who are engaged in stubborn but futile resistance against the Germans.

In 2015 a young man sets off from Cameroon for Germany. Through dogged self-exploitation he manages to secure a permanent job in Berlin. He increasingly loses contact with his homeland until the day, against his own wishes, he is to take over an assignment in Cameroon for his boss.

In Paul Plamper’s parallel audio staging of European colonial violence and its consequences, the colonial age pervades the present like a poltergeist while in the colonial past one can hear harbingers of a future reminiscent of today.

In German and French with German, English and French surtitles

With: Sandra Hüller, Olivier Djommou

Concept, book, direction, editing: Paul Plamper

Assistance concept, research, colonial version, set: Jelka Plate

Dramaturgical advice, casting assistance: Richard Djif, Péguy Takou Ndie

Sound design: Titus Maderlechner

Casting: Elise Graton

Production management: Christine Nicod

Assistance direction, editing: Elena Zieser, Hans Broich-Wuttke

Dramaturgy WDR: Martina Müller-Wallraf

Production: WDR Hörspiel

Co-production: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, Ruhrtriennale, Maxim Gorki Theater (Berlin). Supported by the Film and Media Foundation NRW

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