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The Dark Side of Time (simultaneously a dance piece, a performance and an installation) is the third piece using Jo Fabian's Alphasystem.

An earlier Alphasystem performance, ›Lighthouse [alphasstem 04]‹, was shown during the International Dance Fair NRW in Essen in June 2000.

In the year 2001 the time has once again come for the totalization and / or melding of genres (dance/acting/music/performance). DEPARTMENT/fabian.dept had been working on investigating individual genres in depth and thus produced very genre-specific works.


Direction/ Choreography/Set/Light/Video:

Jo Fabian

Performers: Shila Anaraki, Ralf Kittler, Thomas Lehnhart, Susanne Ogan, Annegret Thiemann

Composition: Ralf Krause

Additional music: Andy Cowton u.a.

Direction / Assistant: Birgit Aßhoff

Choreography / Assistant: Paula E. Paul

Costumes: Irina Steiner
Stage: Karl Wedemeyer

Light: Andreas Kröher

Sound: Ralf Krause

Video co-working: Merit Fackler, Jörg Felden

Tour management: Christopher Langer

Press and public relations: Ralph Boock

Production manager: Karin Kirchhoff

Auditor (light): Ringo T. Fischer

Auditor (direction): Sabine Clauß

Co-ordination "Produzentenpreis": Inge Zysk

Executive producer: Hebbel-Theater, Berlin

"The Dark Side of Time" is made possible by the 3. German Theatre Producers Prize for Choreography awarded to Jo Fabian for his achievements in directing and choreography in 1999.

The prize, presented jointly by an association of 12 German producers that includes Tanzlandschaft Ruhr in Essen, carries one of the highest endowments for the performing arts in Europe.

Photos: © Max Baumann, Cottbus

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