Forced Entertainment
The Coming Storm

  • Wed 23.05.12 20 h
  • Thu 24.05.12 20 h
  • Fri 25.05.12 20 h

In this the second world premiere of the season at PACT Zollverein, Forced Entertainment, the global forerunners of experimental theatre, try to tell something like a ghost story that is resolutely too big for the stage.Using elements of naïve dance, live music (for the first time) and clumsy theatrical tricks reminiscent of amateur dramatics and puppet theatre, the seven performers desperately attempt to illustrate this dark and haunting tale.

Direction: Tim Etchells

Concept: The company

Performers: Robin Arthur, Phil Hayes, Richard Lowdon, Claire Marshall, Cathy Naden, Terry O’Connor
Design: Richard Lowdon
Lighting Design: Nigel Edwards
Music and Sound: John Avery
Director’s Assistant: Hester Chillingworth

Production: Ray Rennie and Francis Stevenson
Co-producers: PACT Zollverein, Essen; Festival Avignon; Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Zurich; Tanzquartier, Vienna; Les Spectacles Vivants - Centre Pompidou, Paris; Festival d'Automne à Paris; LIFT, London; BAC, London; Sheffield City Council

Forced Entertainment is regularly funded by Arts Council England


21.09.2016, International Ibsen Festival, Oslo (NO)
20.09.2016, International Ibsen Festival, Oslo (NO)
31.10.2015, Z-Arts, Manchester (GB)
24.10.2015, Stockhom Finge Festival, Stockholm (SE)
21.03.2014, Culturgest, Lissabon (PT)
20.03.2014, Culturgest, Lissabon (PT)
19.03.2014, Culturgest, Lissabon (PT)
01.12.2013, Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory, Tokio (JP)
30.11.2013, Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory, Tokio (JP)
29.11.2013, Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory, Tokio (JP)
26.11.2013, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield (GB)
09.11.2013, Chassé Theater, Breda (NL)
10.10.2013, Tramway, Glasgow (GB)
24.09.2013, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Zagreb (HR)
23.09.2013, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Zagreb (HR)
07.03.2013, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin (DE)
06.03.2013, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin (DE)
05.03.2013, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin (DE)
02.03.2013, Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)
01.03.2013, Frascati, Amsterdam (NL)
01.02.2013, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales (GB)
31.01.2013, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales (GB)
01.12.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
30.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
29.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
28.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
27.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
26.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
25.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
24.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
23.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
22.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
21.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
20.11.2012, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
16.11.2012, Contact, Manchester (GB)
15.11.2012, Contact, Manchester (GB)
14.11.2012, Contact, Manchester (GB)
07.11.2012, Warwick Arts Centre (GB)
06.11.2012, Warwick Arts Centre (GB)
02.11.2012, SPILL Festival of Performance, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich (GB)
30.10.2012, Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster (GB)
29.10.2012, Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster (GB)
24.10.2012, Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield (GB)
21.10.2012, Festival d'Automne, Paris (FR)
20.10.2012, Festival d'Automne, Paris (FR)
19.10.2012, Festival d'Automne, Paris (FR)
18.10.2012, Festival d'Automne, Paris (FR)
12.10.2012, Samuel Beckett Theater, Dublin (IR)
11.10.2012, Samuel Beckett Theater, Dublin (IR)
06.10.2012, Tanzquartier, Wien (AT)
05.10.2012, Tanzquartier, Wien (AT)
27.07.2012, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon (FR)
26.07.2012, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon (FR)
25.07.2012, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon (FR)
24.07.2012, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon (FR)
23.07.2012, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon (FR)
22.07.2012, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon (FR)
21.07.2012, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon (FR)
20.07.2012, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon (FR)
19.07.2012, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon (FR)
23.06.2012, LIFT Festival, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
22.06.2012, LIFT Festival, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
21.06.2012, LIFT Festival, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
20.06.2012, LIFT Festival, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
19.06.2012, LIFT Festival, Battersea Arts Centre, London (GB)
15.06.2012, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zürich (CH)
15.06.2012, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zürich (CH)
06.06.2012, Festival Theaterformen, Hannover (DE)
05.06.2012, Festival Theaterformen, Hannover (DE)
25.05.2012, PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)
24.05.2012, PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)
23.05.2012, PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE)

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Idylla Silmarovi / Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá
Idylla Silmarovi & Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá

Free admission
  • Fri 14.06.24 10 h – 22 h
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