Nada Schroer / Klaas Werner / Fabian Saavedra-Lara
›Bodies in trouble‹

  • Table talk with the festival artists, contributors & Mary Shnayien, Nada Schroer, Klaas Werner, Fabian Saavedra-Lara
  • Talk
  • Fri 12.07.19 10:30 h – 11:30 h

Free admission

At the midpoint of the festival this is an opportunity to come together for an open discussion. What have visitors and participants found to be particularly important in discussions so far? What has been surprising? What has seemed particularly relevant — or not so rele­vant? Together everyone is invited to crystallize the core issues for the fol­lowing days, during which the focus lies on alternative technological practices. What concepts and what kinds of appli­cations exist outside of major technology stakeholders, markets and discourses that help us consider alternative forms of living beyond current and future technological and cultural possibilities? How can we jointly develop these kinds of models?

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