Aliens in Green
›Xenopolitics, a performative workshop on hormonally active agents‹

  • Thu 11.07.19 10 h – 13 h

Free admission


Xenopolitics describes how people deal with something foreign or the social construct of the foreign. The workshop by the same name transports participants into a laboratory situation, in which together with the artist group Aliens in Green they can explore in practical terms how biochemical substances from various industries — xenohormones (in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, for example) — alter our bodies from the inside. A primary subject of investigation are the effects are so-called endocrine disruptors, substances that have immediate impact on the hormonal system of the body and which can be found in meat products, plastics, and the anti-baby pill. What does is mean when we as consumers literally injest these industries? What avenues for action do our alter bodies have? And what might be some artistic-technical strategies that can have an emancipatory and empowering effect in an environment that has been completely colonized.

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