#3 Neighbours
Monday Cinema

  • Mon 03.04.23 19 h

Free admission

130 mins, Kurdish with German subtitles

Registration: werkstadt@pact-zollverein.de

Entrance 18 h, Start 19 h

Viktoriastraße 5
45327 Essen

In a Syrian border village in the early 80’s, little Sero attends school for the first time, gets involved in dangerous pranks with his friends, and dreams of having a television so he can finally watch cartoons. But he also experiences how the adults around him are increasingly crushed by the violence and nationalism which surround them. 

Inspired by the Director’s personal experiences, his bittersweet memories combine with a fine sense of humor and satire, managing to find light moments between dictatorship and dark drama, and connecting the Syrian tragedy to the present.

Direction: Mano Khalil, 2021, 130 mins, Original sound with subtitles, Adult content

The film is shown at the WERKSTADT in cooperation with the YEKMAL e.V. association.

Registration for all Monday Cinema evenings at: werkstadt@pact-zollverein.de

Trailer (German)

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