Hiroaki Umeda
2.repulsion (Choreography for 3 dancers) / Accumulated Layout (Solo)

  • Fri 23.04.10 21 h
  • Sat 24.04.10 21 h

The Japanese choreographer Hiroaki Umeda, who is well-known for his works distinguished by high tech and video art, places particular emphasis in his most recent piece (for three dancers) on impulses from hip hop. Originating with his general tendency to view the body as an ›object‹ that strives to eliminate prejudices – only illuminating the purely physical and functional potential of the body – Umeda sets off to find an intersection between the worlds of movement. In connection with contemporary dance he fathoms the possibilities of hip hop, questions its limitations, and simultaneously works with the special energy and the particularly distinct movement patterns of this genre. Following 2.REPULSION, Umeda performs his solo from 2007 ›Accumulated Layout‹, which plays with the notion of perception. Rather than video images, the performer’s space is sculpted here by a lighting design which rapidly alternates in source direction and intensity. In interaction with Umeda’s dance, the ‘accumulation’ of these various lighting effects gives significant creative shape to a performance which changes our fragmented and multiple notions of perception. Hiroaki Umeda is a first-time guest at PACT Zollverein.

Premiere: 09.01.10 Theâtré de Suresnes Jean Vilar

Choreography: Hiroaki Umeda

Dance: Kevin Mischel, Guillaume Yvener, Sofiane Tiet

Sound: S2

Light design: S20

Commissioned for/ production: Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar / Suresnes cite danse 2010.

Co-production: S20 Hiroaki Umeda is an ›associate artist‹ at Maison de la Musique de Nanterre (France)

Associate production: Quaternaire Accumulated

Layout Company: S20

Choreography: Hiroaki Umeda

Dancer: Hiroaki Umeda

Duration: 25min

Sound: S20

Lighting Design: S20

Production: Théâtre national de Chaillot, S20 with La Chaufferie special thanks to: All staffs of DCA, Dominique and Aya Photos 2.repulsion: © Hiroaki Umeda Potos Accumulated Layout: © Laurent Philippe

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