Helgard Haug / Cornelius Puschke / David Helbich
1000 Scores. Pieces for Here, Now & Later

  • Online Performance Instructions
  • Tue 04.08.20Tue 18.08.20

Free admission

Turning living rooms into stages: the PACT co-production ›1000 Scores. Pieces for Here, Now & Later‹ is an online project for which international artists have created short performance instructions, so-called Scores. New scores appear twice a week. The project was initiated by Helgard Haug, David Helbich and Cornelius Puschke.

In the tradition of work collections such as the ›Fluxus Performance Workbook‹, Hans Ulrich Obrists ›do it‹ or Miranda Julys and Harrell Fletchers ›Learning to Love You More‹ the trio Haug/Helbich/Puschke presents new instructional works by international artists working in the performing arts, each of which can be realized by one person. Thereby, the series is also a reaction to the present Corona crisis. All the works have in common that they can be realized at home, with no or only household utensils. In David Helbich's work, a filled wine glass becomes an instrument, artist Tim Etchells turns sentences from newspapers and everyday life that have stuck in his head into a Dadaist-poetic mantra, while the composer Ryoko Akama creates an own musical scale that reflects his everyday moods. Since the project was launched in June, the collection has grown steadily. 

Scores commissioned by PACT from Johannes Paul Raether, RYBN.ORG, Annie Dorsen, Tabita Rezaire and Trajal Harrell will be released from 04.08. onwards. All scores will remain permanently available online.

Produced by Rimini Apparat, coproduced by PACT Zollverein, Goethe Institut/Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Tanz im August and KANAL – Centre Pompidou.


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