#Takeover: Ost-West-AG in the WerkStadt
Bettina Schiel, Bettina Grahs, Elisa Ueberschär, Tanja Krone, Eva Lochner & Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs

by Ost-West-AG

Urban Space

The East-West-AG are many. The East-West-AG create gatherings in constantly changing locations and look uncertainties in the eye. The groups founders Betty Schiel, Eva Lochner, Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs and Tanja Krone met in the spring of 2020 deep in the West. In a backyard in Oberhausen under a chestnut tree. One comes from Saxony, the other from Lower Saxony, the third from Baden-Württemberg and one from the Ruhr district. Today they live in the Ruhr area and Berlin. Their origins, customs and not to mention their dialects, are different. This is the founding stone of the constantly growing East-West-AG. In Essen, Elisa Ueberschär and Bettina Grahs join the group as permanent guests:

Under the motto ›Earth and Body: One must stay outside‹ the East-West-AG meets from March 23-27 in the WerkStadt and forges a tunnel between structural change and structural interruption with different tools (including artistic ones) and visitors.


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