Kai Er Eng

by Kai Er Eng


›wheel dance and book scroll‹

Kai Er Eng about her residency at PACT:

»In September 2021 at PACT Zollverein, I spent time dancing on a wheel sculpture‹, reading, and writing. It was my first time at Zollverein and the architecture and parts of machinery (from the old coal mining industry) that were everywhere, occupied a big part of my thinking. Before arriving at PACT, my intention was to work on a project about the history of my own working life; after arriving at PACT I looked at my own, and my family's working histories, more closely in the context of organised labour. I thought about how the miners and my father and grandfather all had working lives shaped by the economic development of their time. I still have many questions about how work is organised in society and how maybe it could be improved.« 

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