Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez & Deva Schubert


Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez: Acoustic Nature

Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez explores the body as a rhythmic and acoustic unit in constant transformation. How can breath, sound and movement interweave to form a cyclical dramaturgy? The different rhythms and layers are analyzed with use of digital technology and a natural and digital perspective on acoustic phenomena is developed.

Deva Schubert: Stimmfelder

Deva Schubert conducts an investigation of the breath that is created by »voice fields« (such as choirs and movements). She develops various patterns of breath, cycles and sequences on the hunt for collective and shared rhythms. Human voices and dance movements are broadened in their performative potential.

Insights into the #TakeCareResidency of Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez and Deva Schubert

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