Florian Zwißler & Lea Letzel


Florian Zwißler: INTERFACE

In his research project, Florian Zwisler fathoms the synthesizer’s performative qualities in the stage context. In collaboration with artist Lea Letzel he examines these instruments (which originally arose as pure studio equipment) as regards how they can interact and the interdependencies of the gestures of playing them and the aural result.

Lea Letzel: TUBA

Lea Letzel focuses on the concert as a performance format. She is especially interested in the performative potential of making music. Notation serves not only as the basis for communication on a sound, but also choreographs the physical movement of the musicians. How can this vocabulary of movement also be expanded beyond the classical range of instruments or be thought differently?

Insights into the #TakeCareResidency of Lea Letzel

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