Alexandra Bachzetsis on ›Escape Act‹ at PACT Zollverein


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How do we evaluate what is real and what is not? And to what extent is everyday life a performance? In the age of mass produced visual media and steadfast obsession with preserving the youthful body, it is almost impossible to distinguish between appearance and existence. In her latest work ›Escape Act‹, Alexandra Bachzetsis turns her attention with subtle irony to the construction of authenticity and investigates its manifestations in everyday and pop culture. 

Quoting in her choreography performances of Vogueing, YouTube tutorials for “posing” and “realness” and Oskar Schlemmer’s treatment of forms in Das Triadische Ballett, she plays with both magic and scientific laws of perception and articulates fantasy as a choreographic horizon, as a possible existence between the established canon of corporeal codes and low-culture body languages, between improvisation and norm, between difference and repetition.

›Escape Act‹
Fr 19.10.18 20 H
Sa 20.10.18 20 H

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