Choreographic Dialogues

Choreographic Dialogues is a two week long residency programme designed to offer performers and choreographers based in North Rhine-Westphalia the opportunity to reflect in-depth on their own practices. 

Participating artists are given the chance to collaborate during their residency with a national or international visiting dialogue partner of their choice.

The objective is not primarily to work on an existing project but rather to allow them space and time to research a specific subject or to critically engage with their own methodologies and approaches in dialogue with transdisciplinary perspectives.

A residency in the frame of Choreographic Dialogues can incorporate the following:

  • Studio space
  • Local accommodation
  • Weekly grant allowance
  • Travel costs covering one journey from within NRW to PACT Zollverein*
  • Technical equipment (subject to availability)

*Principally, the least environmentally harmful means of transport available should be chosen.

PACT is pleased to facilitate barrier-free and family-friendly residences by arrangement.

A residency project will not have a public showing.

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Choreographische Dialoge
Photo ©: Fabio Neis

Participating artists to date:

  • Greta Salgado & Liad Hussein Kantorowicz
  • Yasmin Fahbod & Maren Becker
  • Celine Bellut & Lisi Estaras
  • Dwayne Holliday & Mijke van der Drift
  • Alfredo Zinola & Colette Sadler
  • Greta Salgado Kudrass, Amanda Romero Canepa & Alvaro Esteban Lopez
  • Julia Riera & Dana Singer
  • Theresa Hupp & Thomas Verstraeten
  • Antonia Steffens & Bruno Listopad
  • Wilhelmina Willie Stark & Katja Cheraneva
  • Freddy Houndekindo, Juliette Adrover, Alice Thomas, Ali Ostovar & Elizabeth Waterhouse
  • Susanne Grau, Adriana Gheorghe & Andros Zins-Browne
  • Esta Matkovic & Tine Van Aerschot
  • Montserrat Gardó Castillo & Dragana Bulut
  • Reut Shemesh, Daniel Rademacher & Lilia Mestre
  • Raymond Liew Jin Pin & Verena Billinger
  • Lili M. Rampre & Robin Faure
  • Luisa Saraiva & Lea Letzel
  • HartmannMüller & Oblivia
  • Ursula Nill & Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs
  • Özlem Alkis & Myriam van Imschoot
  • Chikako Kaido & Thomas Lehmen
  • Enis Turan & Keren Levi
  • Antje Velsinger & Lena Lessing
  • Marie-Lena Kaiser & Franz Anton Cramer
  • Jan Rohwedder & Michiel Vandevelde