Choreographic Dialogues

›Choreographic Dialogues‹ is a two week long residency programme designed to offer performers and choreographers based in North Rhine-Westphalia the opportunity to reflect in-depth on their own practices. 

Participating artists are given the chance to collaborate during their residency with a national or international visiting dialogue partner of their choice.

The objective is not primarily to work on an existing project but rather to allow them space and time to research a specific subject or to critically engage with their own methodologies and approaches in dialogue with transdisciplinary perspectives.

As part of the application process, one of the dialogue positions should be selected, with PACT Zollverein acting as a mediator:

- Elisabeth Waterhouse (US) is currently a doctoral student at the Graduate School of the Arts in Bern. A central tenet of her work is the reconciliation of art and science.

- Katja Chernaneva (RU) is a freelance dancer based in Berlin. She is the co-creator of an ongoing project with Frances Chiaverini on the topic of horror and fear under the working title ›Exercising Fear, or Scary Piece‹

Both artists are part of the HOOD collective:

For detailled biographies see: 

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Choreographische Dialoge
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A residency in the frame of ›Choreographic Dialogues‹ can incorporate the following:

  • Studio space
  • Local accommodation
  • Weekly grant allowance
  • Travel costs covering one journey from within NRW to PACT Zollverein
  • Technical equipment (subject to availability)

A residency project will not have a public showing.

HOOD Spezial

Project cycles: 19. June — 2. July 2018 with Elizabeth Waterhouse & 3. July — 16. July 2018 with Katja Cheraneva

Application deadline: 14. February 2018, 10 am (CET)


Participating artists to date:

  • Susanne Grau, Adriana Gheorghe & Andros Zins-Browne
  • Esta Matkovic & Tine Van Aerschot
  • Montserrat Gardó Castillo & Dragana Bulut
  • Reut Shemesh, Daniel Rademacher & Lilia Mestre
  • Raymond Liew Jin Pin & Verena Billinger
  • Lili M. Rampre & Robin Faure
  • Luisa Saraiva & Lea Letzel
  • HartmannMüller & Oblivia
  • Ursula Nill & Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs
  • Özlem Alkis & Myriam van Imschoot
  • Chikako Kaido & Thomas Lehmen
  • Enis Turan & Keren Levi
  • Antje Velsinger & Lena Lessing
  • Marie-Lena Kaiser & Franz Anton Cramer
  • Jan Rohwedder & Michiel Vandevelde