Wilfried van Poppel/ DE LooPERS

Wilfried van Poppel, born 1958 in Utrecht, Holland, studied Arts Education in Holland and dance and composition in Chicago, USA. Since 1979 he has worked as a dancer, pantomime artist and choreographer in Holland, USA and Germany. He also teaches modern dance in Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico and South Korea. He has been actively involved for many years in making dance theatre performances for children and young people. Since October 2002, he's the artistic director of the theatre project act in Bremen.

DE LooPERS (NL) 2005

De LooPERS, directed by Wilfried van Poppel, aims to create openings for dancers, choreographers, children and young people to experiment together. In this way, children come into direct contact with many different aspects of dance and physical theatre and have the possibility to actively experiment for themselves.
To date at PACT
  • Tue 07.06.05 10:30 h
  • Wed 08.06.05 10:30 h
  • Thu 09.06.05 15 h
Performance Dance theater for children

Wilfried van Poppel/ DE LooPERS