Werner Nekes

Werner Nekes (DE) is an internationally recognised experimental filmmaker, media artist, researcher and collector of pre-cinematographic artefacts. Since the 1960s Nekes the "revolutionary of film language" has produced over 100 films working notably with, amongst others, Christoph Schlingensief and Helge Schneider. Rather than narrative content, the medium of film and its own intrinsic possibilities, are predominantly at the forefront of his work. His persistent interest in the make-up of moving images and quest for new forms of expression, led him to extensive research into the history of visual media, illusion techniques and pre-film animation techniques. Since the 1970s, Nekes has compiled one of the most important private collections of artifacts documenting 500 years of pre-cinematographic experiments as well as developments in the early history of film, focusing on spatial and temporal principles of representation.
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  • Sun 04.11.07 20:30 h
Performance Film & Talk

Werner Nekes