Stefan Kaegi

Stefan Kaegi is part of Rimini Protokoll and stages documentary plays, radio plays and urban space productions in diverse constellations. His works include a model railway world ›Mnemopark‹ as a live film set on a scale of 1:87; ›Cargo Sofia‹ a converted truck touring across Europe; ›Radio Muezzin‹ - a project developed in Cairo in 2008 about the call to prayer in the age of its technical reproducibility; ›Sicherheitskonferenz‹ (2009) as well as ›Bodenprobe Kasachstan‹ (2011), a work reflecting on Russian-German relations around the subject of oil. In collaboration with Lola Arias, Stefan Kaegi has created ›Chácara Paraíso‹, ›Sicherheitskonferenz‹ and ›Airport Kids‹ as well as the portable festival for urban interventions ›Ciudades Paralelas‹ in 2010, which was shown in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Warsaw and Zurich. His other works include ›Remote X‹, ›Gesellschaftsmodell Großbaustelle (Staat 2)‹ and ›Nachlass - Pièces sans personnes‹ in collaboration with stage designer Dominic Huber. ›Uncanny Valley‹ is Kaegi's latest production and was developed in collaboration with writer and playwright, Thomas Melle. Stefan Kaegi received the ›Routes Award for Cultural Diversity‹ from the European Cultural Foundation in 2010 and won the Grand Prize of the Bitef Festival Belgrade for ›Nachlass - Pièces sans personnes‹ in 2018.

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