Romeo Castellucci

In 1981 Romeo Castellucci co-founded the theatre company Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio. The company is one of the most radical representatives of ›nuovo teatro‹ in Italy and defines theatre as the art form that unites within it all other forms of art. Over the last years, the company has created a worldwide stir with its elaborate contemporary adaptations of classical material. As artistic director, Castellucci has developed a visually and acoustically stunning stage aesthetic that works suggestively and largely without dialogue. The company's works continuously question the key elements of theatre making: from the concept of the actor as a mere body, to the relationship with the audience or the complete transcendence of the well-understood word in the classical sense. Aside from the publication of numerous theoretical writings on theatre, Castellucci has also carried out several video and film projects. As director of the 37th Theatre Festival of the Venice Biennale in 2005, he opened up the festival for new forms of theatre. In 2008, Romeo Castellucci was named associate artist of the Festival d'Avignon.
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Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio / Romeo Castellucci