Playful Commons

Playful Commons (Jennifer Aksu, Gilly Karjevsky, Sebastian Quack, Laura Bruns) is a research project exploring new licenses for playful use of public spaces, based on urban game design and participatory spatial practices. The project wants to inform public debate on the regulation of public spaces and encourages citizens to playfully engage with the spaces around them. Playful Commons is inspired by the Creative Commons licenses that govern the creative use of digital content on the Internet under certain conditions. In the long term, Playful Commons will become an instrument that will allow certain public spaces to be cleared for specific activities that will no longer require special permits. The current early phase of the project is to map the interests, responsibilities and practices of administrations and user groups and to develop proposals for simplifying communication and processes. In Katernberg, Playful Commons has been advising the team of the choreographic center PACT Zollverein since 2017 on the establishment of the cultural and meeting space Werkstadt in Viktoriastraße 5.