Paola Torres Nunez del Prado

Paola Torres Nunez del Prado is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher who investigates the intersections between tactility, visual and auditory stimuli, exploring their connections to the human voice, nature, and the synthetic realm, including machine and digital noises. She is a pioneer in the development of D.I.Y. textile controllers as sound interfaces and coding systems, which she has played in demos and in performances since 2007. Her work is rooted in complex thinking (complex systems) where she investigates the interplay and boundaries of the senses to scrutinize concepts such as interpretation, translation, and misrepresentation. Through her exploration of mediated sensory experiences, she critically examines cultural hegemony within the realms of Technology and the Arts. She has received the Stockholms Stads kulturstipendium 2022 and the Prix Ars Electronica 2021 Honorary Mention, the Artists + Machine Intelligence Grant from Google Arts and Culture and Google AMI in 2020.

To date at PACT
  • Sat 27.04.24 21 h

Paola Torres Nunez del Prado

Free admission German premiere