Hannah Hofmann and Sven Lindholm (DE) both come from the Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft (Institute for Applied Theater Studies) in Giessen. Since 1999, they have developed projects which unite the visual arts, theater and performance. In works such as ›Aspiranten‹ or ›Geschichte des Publikums‹, they examine social structures and their scope for personal responsibility and freedom of choice. The actors in their productions are laymen, so-called experts on everyday life. They try to break down the veneer of day-to-day life through their subversive actions, all documented on film. Many of Hofmann and Lindholm’s pieces have a strong objective tone. In the end, the audience never knows whether the imaginary is being authenticated, or if reality is turned into fiction.
To date at PACT
  • Fri 18.10.13 20 h
  • Sat 19.10.13 20 h
Performance Re-Enactment of fleeting appearances / Performance

Nebenschauplätze Nr. 1: Das 20. Jahrhundert

  • Sat 21.03.09 20 h
Performance Revoltainment