Halory Goerger

Co-Founder of the ›L’Amicale de production‹ CooperativeHalory Goerger designs performances and installations instead of building houses or repairing animals – that way everyone’s better off. He studied Literature and Information Science and is preoccupied by the history of ideas as this was the only theme not yet dealt with by the time he started to work as an artist. Goerger, born 1978, arrived 2004 at performance and the visual arts via poetry.

Together with Antoine Defoort and Julien Fournet he founded the ›L’Amicale de Production‹ cooperative (Brussels & Lille) which, since 2010, has been pooling and collectively utilizing resources for production, administration, dissemination and logistics. The artists propose answers to topical aesthetic and economic questions and reflect on the theme of production. Goerger’s performances and installations have been seen at the Festival d’Avignon, kunstenfestivaldesarts, Biennale de la Dance in Lyon, at the Dublin Theatre Festival, the Centre Pompidou Metz and the Wiener Festwochen.
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