Fanny de Chaillé

French artist Fanny De Chaillé studied Aesthetics at the Sorbonne. She then joined Daniel Larrieu at the Centre Choréographique National in Tours as a production assistant and began to collaborate extensively with other artists. Since 1995, she creates her own plays, installations and performances. In 2009, she was appointed associated artist at the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale in Paris for a period of three years. During this time she wrote and directed ›Je suis un metteur en scène japonais‹ (›I am a Japanese director‹) which was shown at PACT Zollverein during the TRANSFABRIK Festival in April 2013 as well as ›Passage à l’acte‹ in collaboration with Philippe Ramette and ›Mmeellooddyy Nneellssoonn‹ with Grégoire Monsaingeon.
To date at PACT
  • Wed 17.04.13 20 h
Performance Performance in French with German surtitles

Fanny de Chaillé
Je suis un metteur en scène japonais – I am a Japanese director