Arto Lindsay

Born in the US and raised in Brasil, Arto Lindsay (US/BR) takes the inspiration for his art from both places. Currently he lives in Rio de Janeiro. He was first known as the brains behind the experimental noises of DNA in New York but by at the end of the 1970s he had become interested in working with different generations of musicians from the city. His new group, called Ambitious Lovers fused funk, samba and experimental music. In the 1990s he started working on a series of works based on traditional bossa nova music, without however abandoning his taste for improvisation, radical research, noise, electronic music and an eclectic selection of general musical experimentation. Over the years, he has created a global collaborative network with particularly strong ties in Japan and Brazil. He has also worked as a producer on albums for Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, David Byrne and, among others, Laurie Anderson.
To date at PACT
  • Fri 11.09.09 20 h

Arto Lindsay / Richard Siegal / The Bakery