Alain Platel

... born in Flanders in 1956, trained in dance and mime in the 1970s at the same time as studying for a Masters in Psychology and Pedagogy at the University of Ghent. He has worked as a children’s orthopaedic therapist as well as dancer and choreographer. In 1984 he founded the Compagnie Les Ballets C. de la B. in Ghent. He became internationally well-known with the productions Bonjour Madame in 1993, and Lets op Bach in 1998. His productions and choreographies, which he often develops together with author and director Arne Sierens, have been invited to festivals throughout the world. He conducts workshops on dance theatre and works for film and video projects. He guested at the 2000 Salzburg Festival with his production Allemaal Indiaan as well as at many other international festivals. Alain Platel created Wolf for the RuhrTriennale 2003, a production which was later invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen, and returned in 2006 to present VSPRS
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Performance Dance

Fumiyo Ikeda / Alain Platel / Benjamin Verdonck