fieldworks about their work (in progess) ›gone here (yet) to come‹:

»One idea we are interested in exploring in ›gone here (yet) to come‹ is the materiality of darkness. What is the stuff of darkness? How do we make darkness tangible? Which other realities, encounters, and connections become possible in the dark? During our residency at PACT, we divided up the stage space, juxtaposed different spaces, and explored the nature of the boundaries between them. Where do different spaces get entangled? Where and how do they open up? Where do the edges of a space disappear or start to fray? And how might they come together again?«

Heine Avdal (Norway) has been active in the fields of contemporary dance, performance, video and visual arts. He questions how spatial conventions affect the way we experience and move through private/public spaces. Considering people’s preconceptions of spatial conventions and through slight shifts, or manipulations he searches for unexpected intersections between different components of a space. 

Yukiko Shinozaki (Japan) is a choreographer and dancer. Her work focuses on internal complexities and contradictions of the body. The process of transformation takes an important role in her movement vocabulary: through subtle shifts and manipulations, familiar actions slowly transform into an unfamiliar realm/landscape.

Avdal and Shinozaki founded their own company fieldworks (Belgium) in 2000. Their work is concerned with ›performativity‹ and allows for an open interpretation of movement as a heterogeneous combination of a variety of media. Consequently, they draw on a broad range of disciplines and expertise. They create projects in both theatrical and non-theatrical environments / spaces such as offices, hotels, supermarkets, etc. Through interaction with those familiar spaces and by treating them slightly differently, they suggest to rethink the notion of the everyday itself. 

For more info. www.field-works.be

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