Jule Flierl und Irena Z. Tomažin


U.F.O. is a collaboration between Slovenian choreographer/singer/philosopher Irena Z. Tomažin and German SoundDance choreographer Jule Flierl

The point of departure is Katalin Ladik's happening, ›U.F.O. Party‹ performed in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in 1970. ›U.F.O. Party‹ was the first known happening in Yugoslavia in which the artist used their own body as the material. 

In our research, we play with the acronym ›U.F.O.‹ as a methodological tool. ›UFO‹ opens several creative avenues and questions: What is the unidentified flying object of the performance? What does it mean to be unknown, illegible? Is it about aliens and alienation, a flying saucer, a secretive apparatus of surveillance - or is the unknown flying object a virus or the voice itself?

Picking up Ladik's historically groundbreaking performance ›U.F.O. Party‹ is a gesture aiming to re-animate a fragment of non-western performance history in order to create new historical lineages, interactions, and updated context that can open doors of thinking for the future performance field.



The site specific videos were shot at the Mischanlage, Kokerei Zollverein, Essen. 

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